Rob Starts With 10 Inch Pre-Cuts And Gets This STUNNING Quilting Technique!

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Have you ever worked on a stained glass quilt before? This is absolutely breath-taking! I love how this project turned out, and I can’t wait to get started on one for myself! Rob from Man Sewing brings us another great tutorial loaded with tips and tricks to make this project quick and easy – even though it looks like you’ve spent years piecing and sewing everything together! I love the bold colors used in this particular quilt – Rob says they remind him of the poppies all over California (hence the pattern for the quilt).

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There are several great tips and tricks we learn in this video to speed the process along, as well as a few new tools you may want to invest in for this and future projects. One of my favorite tools Rob uses is the fusible bias ribbon coupled with the Clove mini iron. Have you ever seen anything quite like this before? The little point of the iron gets nice and hot to iron on the fusible ribbon, but it’s small and stealthy enough to go around curves and have a lot of control. I can’t wait to add this little guy to my quilting tool box! See how everything comes together in the video below!

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