Speed Reading: Fact Or Fiction?

Find out how fast the average person reads!

If you’ve been around college campuses or the internet for any amount of time, chances are you’ve seen ads for a speed reading class. Is speed reading a legitimate skill, or is it just glorified skimming? Are there things we can do to train our eyes and minds to read faster? What even is the average reading speed? Do you sacrifice comprehension for word count in speed reading? All these questions and more will be answered in the fascinating video below!

The best question to ask yourself is this: what are you hoping to get out of your reading time? Are you trying to break a record for most books read in a week, or are do you use reading as a form of travel to another world for a few hours? If you love prose and appreciate the details of a well-built world, you probably aren’t too concerned with how fast you can read. Nevertheless, this info is really useful even in understanding how the eyes work and how the mind comprehends information. Go ahead and learn more about our amazing brains!