10+ Weirdly Useful Things To Do With Old Socks

Don’t throw old socks away! Give them new life with these hacks!

Chances are, if you’re anything like me, you have a drawer full of old socks. Some of these are “Sunday socks” as my dad used to call them – because they’re hole-y. Get it? GET IT? Thanks, dad. Most of the socks in this drawer have lost their better half behind the dryer and I’m tragically optimistic that I’ll find it one of these days. No matter what condition your socks are in, you can give them a new purpose in life with these sock hacks!

Old socks are great for a lot of things – cleaning blinds, mopping, storing your wet umbrella, the list goes on and on! Did you know you can make a heating pad with a sock and some rice? (I don’t recommend using the Sunday socks for this one). You can even use a sock and a vacuum cleaner to locate small things like earrings that have fallen on the floor. See what else you can do with your socks in the video below!