Have You Ever Knit Socks Like These Before?!

These are the best fitting socks ever!

You might not notice it at first, but these socks are revolutionary. What’s so different about them, you ask? The heel, of course! For hundreds of years, we’ve been wearing socks that are too loose or too tight, they just never really fit quite right – until now!

This new sock design is called the Sling Heel, and you’ll see why we love it so much! The majority of the shaping for this heel uses the German short row method. This is pretty typical for most sock heels, but I think you’ll soon figure out how this pattern uses them differently!

These socks are considered an intermediate pattern, so if you’ve never knitted socks before, maybe try out a basic pattern first before diving in. Of course, if you’re adventurous, go ahead and jump in the deep end with these lovely socks!