She Dips Eggs In Shaving Cream. The Results? Beautiful!

The kiddos will love helping with this project!

We love all of the creative ways people are decorating for Easter this year! There are so many options for dying eggs, we thought we’d show you one of our favorite ways… with shaving cream! That’s right, get out the shaving cream, food coloring, and toothpicks for this project. I love how these turned out! Pro-tip: make sure you use colors that mix well, otherwise you might end up with a muddy mess of color.

The kiddos will definitely love helping with this project! Plus, playing in the shaving cream is super fun. Get help from the whole family in decorating this year! Just make sure everyone has a pair of gloves to contain the mess. Happy Easter, everyone!

If you like this shaving cream dye method, you’ll love our shaving cream stationary! That’s right, we applied this dying technique to paper, and I think you’ll agree the results are amazing. Happy crafting, friends!