Make This Cute Tote Bag In Just TWO Steps!

Would you believe you only need sharpies, some rubbing alcohol, and a spray bottle to make this gorgeous tote bag?! With those tools and a canvas bag, the possibilities are endless! Spraying rubbing alcohol on the finished bag dilutes the ink from the sharpies, and gives everything a watercolor effect. Have fun experimenting with different ways to decorate your bag – from a dripping rainbow of color, to tie dye swirls, and everything in between! The great thing about this craft is that it dries really quickly, and can be used shortly after you’re finished. Just remember to work in a well ventilated area! Check out the full tutorial below, and see some of our ideas and instructions under the video.

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– Assorted Sharpies

– Canvas bag

– Rubbing alcohol

– Spray Bottle

– Old Rag


For a watercolor look: (what we did in the video)


Draw designs on the canvas bag.


Spray with rubbing alcohol, and rub in small circles to blend the colors.

Let dry.

For a tie dye look:

Color the canvas bag in sections, using different colors of sharpie markers.

Have similar colors next to each other, so that when they mix, they won’t all run together and turn to brown.

Once the bag is sufficiently colored in to your liking, pour rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle.

Spray the canvas bag, and watch the colors run and mix, giving a tie dye effect.

For a geometric pattern:

Block out sections with painter’s tape on the canvas bag. You can do triangles, diamonds, squares, whatever your preference.

Color in the open spots with sharpie markers. For an ombre look, start with a dark color on the top of the bag, and move to lighter colors on the bottom of the bag.

Once everything is colored, spray down with rubbing alcohol.

The colors will bleed under the tape a bit, but you’ll still see the outline of shapes.

For the Drip look:

Color sharpies in lines starting from the top, and varying in length down to the middle of the bag.

Hold bag up so the front is vertical, and spray rubbing alcohol straight down, following the colored lines.

Let this drip, and dry standing up.

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