Get This Watercolor Effect Using Only 3 Things!

sharpie final
Are you looking for a fun way to add a splash of color to your table? We’ve got just the DIY for you! This project would be so fun to do with the kiddos and see their creativity really come out. The best part is, you really only need three things to get this amazing watercolor effect: ceramic tiles, Sharpie markers, and rubbing alcohol. Be careful to use colors that will mix well together when designing your coasters otherwise, they may just meld together and make dirty dishwater for the next step.

sharpie process
Now here is where the creativity comes in. Once you draw out your designs onto the tiles, have fun with different methods of dispensing the rubbing alcohol. We tried an eye dropper first, and while the effect was fun, it took away a lot of the color. For the second round, we decided to go the spray bottle route. We absolutely loved the results! The dripping effect was so cool! Try spinning the tiles to move the color around.

We just loved this easy craft and its amazing results! Go ahead and try it out for yourself!


– Assortment of sharpie markers

– Rubbing alcohol

– Small straw or eye dropper

– White ceramic tiles

sharpie feature


1. Color tile with sharpies.

2. Drop or spray rubbing alcohol onto tiles to create a watercolor look.

3. Experiment with layers of pooling rubbing alcohol.

4. Let dry and seal with mod podge.

sharpie coaster final 2

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