7 Brilliant Uses For Hairspray

Check out these mind-blowing hairspray hacks!

ATTENTION!!! All my fellow Savvy ladies and gentleman, single-use household products are a thing of the past! Try these amazing hairspray hacks and make life simple and easy. Rock your fabulous hair and keep on spraying all the way around the house!

Hairspray can do so much more than keep your hair looking good all day long. You can use hairspray for all sorts of other beauty hacks as well as a practical solution to a lot of annoying problems! Keep reading to find out all of the ways you can use hairspray around the house, and make sure to pick up an extra bottle next time you’re at the store!

First, you can use hairspray to smooth flyaways by using an old toothbrush and sprayinh hairspray directly on the bristles. Then, brush down stray hairs in the direction you wish them to lay (ie. brush downward). Hairspray can also help keep flowers alive longer. Just spray hairspray on the underside of your fresh flowers. This will help keep that lovely bouquet from wilting and looking fresh for weeks! Are you always losing your bobby pins? Keep bobby pins in place by spraying some hairspray on them before putting in your hair.

See what other fabulous things you can use hairspray for in the video below!