How to Make A Self-Watering Garden Container

Ease some of those garden watering worries with this easy tutorial!

I remember when I was first getting into gardening, the whole idea of watering just seemed so overwhelming. “You do not want to over water but you do not want to under water your plants either, you have to find a happy balance. Oh! And it is different for each plant!” Wait, what?!

The idea of finding that “happy medium” just seemed so overwhelming and utterly impossible. Needless to say, if that sounds like you, you can rest assured that we are bringing you a great tutorial today from expert Angela Price at eHow Garden showing you how to make a self-watering garden container to help ease some of your garden watering worries!

Maybe you have been gardening for years and this concern is totally a thing of your past, then we suggest sharing this article with an overwhelmed gardening friend; we all have one!