Here’s How To Shovel the RIGHT Way!

Make sure you do not get injured this year when the snow hits!

As cooler weather hits, our minds quickly shift to the impending onslaught of winter and with that, snow. As much as we may love the look of snow falling from the sky and the clean white blankets of snow covering out the front window, the truth is that at some point we have to get out there and do something about it.

Did you know there is a right and a wrong way to shovel? In order to help keep you safe this winter, we’ve pulled together some of our top shoveling tips!

1. Stretch and warm up

Just like any workout at the gym, you want to be warmed up to ensure you don’t get injured when you put those muscles to work!

2. Use the right equipment

Get a good shovel that will help support you, not make it harder to move said snow.

3. Use your legs, not your back

If you find your low back bothering you while shoveling, it’s likely because you are not using your legs! You should not be bending over, picking up the show and twisting; that is how you end up getting injured.