Instead Of Cutting Fabric From The Bolt, Do THIS Instead!

You may not be getting accurate measurements from cutting the fabric!

If you buy your fabric at one of the many convenient craft store chains, you may not be getting accurate measurements! When manufacturers place fabric on the bolt it tends to slip out of place during production, shipping, and stocking. When you go to the counter and ask for 4 yards of fabric, the clerk will measure and cut a straight line – but if the fabric is off kilter, you’ll be getting an inaccurate measurement!

Just look at the photo above – on one end the fabric measures just a half inch, while the other end measures about four and half inches. That’s a pretty big difference! You can correct this by asking to have your fabric torn instead of cut off the bolt. By tearing the fabric you’re allowing the tension and threads of the actual fabric to guide a straight line from top to bottom, therefore ensuring you’re getting the most accurate measurement as possible!

Watch the quick video below to find out more info!