Grab A Stack Of 5 Inch Strips And Make This Easy Quilt This Afternoon!

This is a super easy project, perfect for those last minute gifts!

Do you have a stack of five-inch strips and an afternoon to kill? Then we have the perfect quilt for you! This Rhombus Cube quilt tutorial is brought to us by none other than Jenny from The Missouri Star Quilt Company. We just love everything she does, and this tutorial is no exception!

The Rhombus Cube quilt is so easy, you’ll be able to make this quilt in no time. It’s perfect for those times when you need an easy project, or a last minute gift.

First, you’ll cut out a diamond shape from your light and medium fabrics. Then, you’ll cut out a triangle shape from the dark fabric. Finally, you’ll piece it together in strips with a triangle, light diamond, triangle, medium diamond pattern. All that’s left is the quilt sandwich and quilting the top, and you’re all set!

Watch how easy this quilt comes together in the short video below! As always, happy quilting, friends!