Have you ever had an orchid that won’t bloom? Or have you seen those pesky white spots on the leaves of your succulent? Maybe you have some bamboo that is barely hanging on. How do you fix it? When is it time to send your plan off to the big compost pile in the sky?

We’ve got the answer to these questions and more in the super helpful video below! No matter what level of gardener you are, chances are you’ve killed a houseplant or two in your life. I know I have. I hate throwing plants away, but sometimes I just don’t know what will help? Is it the soil? The water? The sunlight? Or, did my cat just happen to attack the plant in the middle of the night?

Of course, sometimes it’s best just to know when to quit. Like this poinsettia, for example. Sure, there are some green buds on one of the stems, but as we learn in the video below, it’ll never bloom into those beautiful red flowers we love so much. So, you can absolutely salvage those green leaves, but that’s all it’ll ever be.

Another awesome tip we learn is that bamboo doesn’t like chlorinated water – in other words, if you’re watering your bamboo with tap water, you’re basically killing it. Never fear! The best way to get unchlorinated water is to simply fill up your watering can and let it sit out overnight. The chlorine will dissipate and you can safely water your bamboo! See what other great tips we have in the video below!