Can You Name All 10 Of These Crochet Stitches?

You’ll get tutorials for each of the stitches too!

As crocheters, we come across many different patterns and stitches and combinations of stitches that sometimes it’s hard to keep track of them all! Of course, once you’ve spent some time with a stitch and used it in a shawl or blanket, you’ll never forget it. “Ah, yes. This is the Pineapple stitch. The bane of my existence.” Or, perhaps your experiences with tackling new stitches have been a bit more positive than mine. Either way, this is a fun way to see how much you know and how much you can remember!

Take this quiz below to see how you measure up. Are you a novice crocheter? Intermediate? Or a true expert? Find out below! Plus, get some suggestions for your next project, and tutorials for each of the stitches. Happy crocheting, friends!

How did you do? Share with us in the comments below! No matter your score, there are always new and exciting things in the world of crochet. New stitches, new patterns, and of course, new yarn!