Has This Ever Happened To Your Crochet Projects? See How To Fix It!

These tips and tricks will keep your projects looking like new!

Does this look familiar? Have you started to notice loose strands and little balls of fiber on some of your favorite blankets and hats? This is called “pilling” and it happens when fibers rub against each other and cause little balls or “pills” to form on the surface of the fabric. It’s more common with loosely woven yarn, but even the tighter weaves will eventually pill over time.

Since your crochet projects are made of loosely woven yarns, as opposed to the tighter knits of commercially produced clothing, the pilling will really stand out and become more pronounced over time. Keep reading to see how you can fix pilling in your projects, and how to prevent it from happening in the first place!

One sure fire way to cause pilling is to throw your crochet project in the washer and dryer. I have experienced the horror of pulling a crocheted afghan out of the dryer and seeing all the little fuzzy hairs of the yarn sticking out. There was no saving this blanket, so I gave it to the cat (who had peed on it earlier, hence throwing it in the wash. He was the clear winner in this scenario).

Now I know that instead of running the blanket through the washer and dryer, I can hand-washed it. After carfeully washing by hand, pin the blanket on a towel to dry. This helps reshape the blanket to its former glory! Watch the video below to get more info on pilling and how to prevent it!