Expert Quilters Agree: This Is A Must-Know For Beginners!

quilt prep
There are many techniques out there for preparing a quilt for quilting, but the basics are pretty much the same across the board. You need your quilt top, your quilt back, and some batting. You’ll need to baste your quilt as well. Basting is just a temporary way of holding your quilt together until you can quilt it. Here is where personal preference comes in – you can thread baste, needle baste, or, as seen in the video below, spray baste. If you’ve already got your quilt top and bottom put together, then this is the video for you! This is also a great review for anyone who hasn’t quilted in a while, or any newcomers to the hobby who are just looking to get an idea of the steps involved in making a quilt. Either way, get ready take some notes on quilt prep!

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