Top 6 Plants To Keep Mosquitos Away This Year

We absolutely cannot wait to get back into the garden after a long winter! We do not, however, miss the bugs. Good thing there are plenty of gorgeous plants that ward off mosquitos and other bugs for the majority of the season. See which plants will be most effective for your garden this year!


Basil is so effective at keeping the bugs away, you can even make your own repellent with dried basil leaves. Just steep 1 cup of leaves in 1/2 cup of boiling water, add some basil essential oil and an alcohol that’s safe for the skin, and voila! All natural bug spray.


Don’t let your cat have all of the catnip! Save some to make your own repellant, or just keep a few potted plants around the house near doors to ward off incoming pests. Make sure to keep the plants up high so the kitty doesn’t get into them and make a mess!


This is the most popular plant for keeping bugs at bay for a reason: it works! You may even have a few citronella candles around the house. You should plant citronella in large containers, and then place them strategically around the house when you have company. They’ll keep the bugs out!

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