The Easiest Way To Give Your House A Facelift…

You won’t want to miss this tutorial!

Give your house a facelift by adding bright, eye-catching window boxes. One of the easiest ways to make your home look like those photographs in home & garden magazines is by splashing on some color with storybook-style window boxes. Installing the boxes and planting in them is relatively simple. The most important thing to consider is location.

If you’ve got windows that get direct sunlight, you’re in luck. Areas that receive plenty of exposure to the sun are more conducive to growing a wide variety of plants. More sun = extra watering duties, but the beautiful display you’ll be treated to will more than make up for the additional labor. Consider planting sweet alyssum, pansies, petunias, and miniature roses.

If your windows receive more shade, you can still outfit them with gorgeous window boxes. Just be careful when choosing plants! Impatiens are always a safe bet in the shade. They come in so many lovely hues, an easy way to warm up your home’s exterior. Go for dwarf varieties. For a classic look, add some English Ivy. It’s hardy enough to manage just fine in the shade, and produces beautiful trailing foliage.

For more ideas on what to plant in your window box, check out Apartment Therapy’s list of Top 10 Colorful & Low Maintenance Window Box Plants. Some great inspiration here!

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