Find Out How You Can Perfect Your Points – Crisp And Clean Every Time!

Tired of those wavy lines? Make sure your blocks are straight and on point with these tips!

Don’t you hate when you finally finish that quilt you have been working so hard on, but the points in your blocks aren’t very clean, or at least not nearly as clean as you would like them to be??

We have to admit, that sort of stuff drives us totally crazy in our own quilting projects, so we like to take a little extra time to make sure those points are straight and crisp every single time. We know it can be hard when you have to find that balance between being a perfectionist and the quilt being just right.

With that said, follow along with Margaret Leuwen Quilting in the below video tutorial and soon enough you will be able to perfect those points quickly and easily!

Do you have tips for perfecting points every time? Leave us your top tips in the comments below!