Eliminate Writer’s Block By Starting Out Your Project Like This…

You’ll never ask yourself, “What happens next?” with this method!

If you’re like most writers I know, myself included, you’ve experienced writer’s block. Now, that doesn’t mean that you don’t know what to write, or literally cannot type or write words. Usually, it simply means you don’t know how to move the story forward. You can’t decide what happens next.

A great way to eliminate this problem before it even happens is to have an outline! Some people are dead set against outlines, because “writing is a creative process” etc., etc. While this is true, it also helps to have structure. And if you’ve ever sat and stared and your blank computer screen for two hours, then you’re probably ready to try just about anything to move the plot forward.

There are, of course, a million different ways to outline a novel. In the video below, we get one writer’s method for fleshing out her ideas and organizing them on paper. If you struggle to keep the plot consistant, or have issues keeping everything straight in your head, an outline is a great way to get it all out from the beginning. Then you can use it as a map to direct your writing flow.

Shaelin tells us that it’s always easier to have the plot and summary down in 2-3 pages, rather than a 500 page novel that you have to go back and edit. All this to say, outlining will save you a lot of time in the editing process. Go ahead and see all of the reasons to outline, and get a great method for outlining your next novel!