Our 10 Favorite Responses To The Forest Prompt!

We received over 6000 responses! It was hard to choose just 10…

We love writing prompts. They help get our creative juices flowing and allow us to start stories in unfamiliar places. Well, we sent out a writing prompt for you and were overjoyed with the results! We’d like to thank everyone who submitted a response to our forest writing prompt. All of them were full of creativity, fear, inspiration, and things we didn’t expect! It was hard to showcase all of them but…

Here are our favorite 10 responses to the mysterious forest prompt!

10. A great interpretation of the seasons!

9. A lone camper…

8. Hide me from what?!

7. A magic crystal!

6. What happens when the note doesn’t help you!

5. Fate in the form of a rhymed riddle.

4. There is so much hinted at here!

3. Goldilocks just got scarier…

2. What have I done?!

1. Either I’m the treasure or the treasure is near. Either way, I’m happy!

What should our next writing prompt be?

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