Think Your Fabric’s Organized? Probably Not As Much As It Could Be…

If you always wanted your fabric stash to look Pinterest-worthy, now it will be!

Raise your hand if your scrap fabric is organized? Go ahead, we’ll wait.

Now raise your hand if your scrap fabric is a hot mess? Don’t worry, we do not judge either way, but when it comes to our fabric, we have to admit we might get a bit obsessive.

While others might call it OCD, we prefer to think of it as visually attractive organization. That is right, and Alison and Susan definitely understand us! (Isn’t it great having quilting friends who can relate to you?)

If you have an overlooked and super crammed closet or drawer in your house where you store all your fabric, you could turn it into something visually appealing with just a little measuring and folding!

For what it looks like in the end, we think it’s totally worth the time and effort…check it out and transform your space too!