Have You Tried The “No Dig” Method Of Gardening?

See why digging is harmful to your garden, and what to do instead!

Have you ever heard of the “no dig” method of gardening? It is exactly what it sounds like – don’t dig, till, ariate, or otherwise disturb the soil in your garden.

It’s no secret that all that bending over and heaving heavy piles of dirt isn’t good for your back, but you may be surprised to learn that it really isn’t good for your garden, either! By raking, tilling, and digging into the soil, we’re actually disrupting the natural processes that occur in Mother Nature to bring about healthy soil.

For example, when we ariate and dig into the earth, we often disrupt things like worms which are great for plants, and we create unbalance in the animal world with bugs and their natural preditors.

Instead of digging, lay out cardboard on top of the soil and cover with a layer compost. Next, add a layer of mulch like leaves, woodchips, hay, or sawdust. See what other steps you need to take below, and see what all the benefits are for this no dig method!