5 Natural Remedies For Mosquitos!

Just in time for summer camping trips with the family!

Whether it’s indoors, outdoors, babies, older kids, or adults, we’ve got you covered! These five methods of repelling mosquitos use all natural ingredients, including essential oils, lemon juice, and pure vanilla extract. So not only are you avoiding those toxic chemicals found in store bought bug spray, but you’ll smell amazing, (just not to bugs). I just love the method of soaking baby wipes in homemade bug repellent! What a gentle way to apply on a baby or small child. See the full instructions for each method below the video.


– Ziplock bag

– Water

– Pennies

– Dryer sheets

– Spray bottle

– Lavender essential oil

– Vanilla extract

– Lemon juice

– Baby oil

– Peppermint essential oil

– Dried out baby wipes

– Paracord

– Lighter

– Scissors

– Paracord bracelet clip


For Water Bags

Fill a Ziplock bag halfway with water, and place a few pennies in it.

Hang it in the doorway outside of your house to keep bugs from entering.

Dryer Sheets

Since dryer sheets are full of stuff bugs hate, placing one or two on window sills keeps them away. You can also put them in your backpack or pockets for an alternative to stinky bug spray.

DIY Bug spray

Wash and dry a spray bottle.

Mix 15 drops of lavender essential oil, 3 tablespoons of vanilla extract, and 4 tablespoons of lemon juice, and pour into the bottle.

Fill the rest with water, shake to mix.

Mosquito Repellent Wipes

Start by drying out the baby wipes. Wring out the wipes, and lay them out individually to dry on a clean surface.

While they are drying, mix together the repellant – ½ cup of baby oil, 5-10 drops each of lavender and peppermint essential oils.

Once the wipes are dry, fold them back into their container (or use an air tight tupperware container if they came in a disposable package).

Pour the oil mixture over the wipes, and let them soak it up.

Keep these on hand for an alternative to bug spray.

Paracord bracelet repellant

Start with two different colors of paracord, and measure out an arm’s length of each.

Fuse together the two pieces of cord by slightly melting the ends of the cord with a lighter, and pushing them together.

Put the cord through one side of the clip and loop it to secure it to the clip.

Take the other end of the cord, and pull it through the other side of the clip, measuring it on your wrist to see how big it needs to be.

Unclip the bracelet, holding the loose clip in place to make sure you make your bracelet the right size.

The design of the paracord bracelet is made by a series of knots:

Starting on the end with the loose clip, lay out your four strands of paracord. Decide which color you want in the middle of your design. Take that piece of cord, and lay it over the top of the other cords, from left to right.

The other color cord, on the far right side, will go over the first cord, under the middle two cords, and through the loop made by the first cord on the left hand side. Pull these cords tight. This is the first knot.

Repeat this knot, looping the first cord on the opposite side this time. This is the second knot.

Repeat the knots, alternating sides, until you reach the end of the bracelet.

Trim off the ends of the cord, and melt the ends off with a lighter to make sure it doesn’t unravel.

Fill a spray bottle with the DIY bug spray recipe from above (lavender essential oil, vanilla extract, lemon juice, water) and spray both sides of the bracelet until thoroughly saturated.

Set aside and let dry for a few minutes. The bracelet should be effective for a few hours, and can be sprayed again and again for reuse.