Mummy Candy Poppers

Fun-size candy in a whimsical little package are sure to delight little trick-or-treaters.

Looking for a Halloween craft that is eerily easy? We have tons of fun making mummy candy poppers. These delightfully spooky treats are a fun-filled surprise wrapped up in a neat little package. And this is a Halloween party favor that can be done with supplies found around the house. Check out the video on how to put these “spook-tacular” poppers together.


-Toilet Paper/Craft Rolls

-Toilet paper OR white crepe paper streamers

-Googly eyes



-Thick string

-Tape: double sided and regular

-Craft paper scraps to make tag

-Small Toys

-Small Candy


-Cut 2 squares of toilet paper into 3″x 3″ squares, reserve.

-Cut several strips of toilet paper.

-Wrap a piece of double sided tape around one end of the tube.

-Place one square over top of tube, folding over tape to close off end.

-Apply strips of toilet paper around tube.

-Fill tube with small candies and toys.

-Wrap a piece of double sided tape around opposite end of tube.

-Place twine across the opening.

-Fold square of toilet paper over tape to close bottom of tube.

-Glue on googly eyes.

-Apply additional strips of toilet paper to slightly cover googly eyes for effect.

-Tie off string. Add a tag to end of string.

-Pull tag for candy explosion!