How To Tell If You’re Writing Flat Characters

Do you do this when developing your characters?

Have you ever heard of the Myers-Briggs personality test? Yes, this is the classic personality test that tells you where you fall on several different scales. Introvert vs. extrovert, sensing vs. intuition, thinking vs. feeling, and judging vs. perceiving. If you’re having trouble coming up with dynamic characters, whether main characters or secondary characters, taking the Myers-Briggs test can help!

Even if you don’t take the test for each character, reading some information about each one of the sixteen personality types can give insight into what your character’s reactions and even dialog might be like.

If you’ve ever had alpha or beta readers confuse your secondary characters, or have anyone give feedback saying they just couldn’t relate to your characters, you might benefit from making your characters more dynamic by fitting them into one of these personality types.

This can help you with writer’s block as well! If you’re unsure where the plot is going, or how to edit a certain plot hole, start thinking about your characters and their motivations. Is your main character an introvert? Does she like her world to be organized in a logical and orderly fashion? Intorduce tension by foiling her plans and throwing her into the spotlight. Go ahead and see what other benefits there are to taking the Myers-Briggs test for your characters!