New Favorite Craft: Mini Pallet Coasters!

These mini pallet coasters are one of my favorite DIYs to date! They are so simple to assemble, and I think we can all agree that the end results are amazing. I love that you can customize for any and every season or event. Keep it simple with a coat of wood gel stain, go for an eclectic feel with mix and match washi tape, or color coordinate for your favorite sports team (GO SEAHAWKS). Whatever your style is, these coasters are sure to fit. Check out the video below to get inspired, and share with us your finished product in the comments below!


– Popsicle sticks

– 1/2” square balsa wood rod

– X-acto knife

– Sand paper

– Hot glue gun

– Washi tape, paints, wood stain

– Scissors

– Mod podge


Cut the balsa wood and popsicle sticks into 4” pieces, and sand the edges.

Decorate the cut craft sticks with washi tape, stain, paint, etc.

Assemble the pallet using 3 balsa wood pieces and 7 decorated popsicle sticks. Start with the 3 pieces of balsa wood, spaced apart evenly. Hot glue a decorated popsicle stick across all three pieces on both ends. Hot glue a third popsicle stick across the middle. Hot glue two more sticks in the spaces in between, totaling 7 popsicle sticks per pallet.

Cover everything in a layer of mod podge.


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