These Mini Crochet Doughnuts Are The Perfect Scrap Project!

A quick and easy project to use up that extra stash!

We love doughnuts and really, let’s get real, who doesn’t love doughnuts? Or maybe you call them donuts, that is fine too!

So when you combine one of our favorite treats with our favorite hobby, add a cup of coffee and suddenly you have a total win of an afternoon. No, we are not talking about eating donuts while crocheting, that sounds messy and like you will have powdered sugar, sprinkles or frosting covered yarn and messy projects. We are talking about crocheting mini doughnuts, like the ones in this tutorial from Happy Berry Crochet.

These mini doughnuts are adorable and easy to make! We also love them as it is the perfect project to use up some of that scrap yarn you have hanging around the house. (We know you do!)

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