7 Brilliant Ways To Use Milk Jugs In Your Garden

You’ll never throw out a milk jug again after reading this!

How many cartons of milk does your family go through each week? Many families consume at least one gallon of milk a week, but I remember growing up with two brothers who could each drink their own gallon of milk every week! Either way, you probably go through a lot of these jugs of milk, and either throw them away or recycle them. What if there was a better way to make use of these milk containers?

We’ve got an awesome video for you to watch! There are a ton of ideas in here on how to reuse old milk jugs in the garden. I personally love this idea for hanging tomato plants.

Another great way to use up old milk jugs is to make bird feeders out of them. Go for a more classic look, or add a splash of color like in the photo above! Better yet, enlist the help of your kiddos to decorate! Now you’re spending an afternoon with the family and upcycling old milk cartons. Two birds, one stone (pun definitely intended).

Watch the video below for more great ideas. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!