Crochet The Perfect Hair Accessory This Afternoon!

Check out the easy to follow tutorial, and get the free pattern!

How cute is this mesh headband?! I love the summery feel the open spaces and weight give this piece. Get the free pattern for this adorable mesh headband below the video! Watch and see how each stitch is done, and then try it out for yourself. The best part about this project is that it can be completed in under an hour. This is the perfect crochet project for any skill level. It may be a bit challenging for a beginner, but totally doable! Happy crocheting, friends!

Want another easy headband pattern? Check out this circle headband tutorial, and then try out the super simple double headband.


Chain 151.

Row 1: slip stitch 40 chains.

On the 41st chain, chain 9.

Skip 9 chains, treble stitch in 10th chain (1 rectangle).

Chain 9, skip 9, treble stitch in 10th chain. Repeat this pattern 7 times. On the last repeat, don’t treble stitch, just slip stitch into the 10th chain. Repeat chaining 9, skipping 9, treble stitch on the 10th chain until there are 6 rectangles.

Start a 7th rectangle by chaining 9, skipping 9, but instead, slip stitch into 10th chain.

Slip stitch remaining chains.

Row 2: Chain 1, slip stitch 40 stitches.

Chain 4, skip 4, treble stitch in 5th chain.

Chain 9, skip 9, treble stitch in 10th chain. Repeat until the center of the last rectangle.

Chain 4, skip 4, slip stitch into 5th stitch. Slip stitch remaining stitches in the row.

Row 3: Same as row 1. Chain 1, slip stitch 40 stitches, mesh section same as row 1 – chain 9, skip 9, treble stitch in 10th chain. Repeat until last section, chain 9, slip stitch into beginning of tie off section.