Mason Bees – The Who, How And Why You Want Them In Your Garden!

You want this non-aggressive bee on your team in the garden!

You have heard us preach our love for bees countless times by now and we hope you are with us on this, but we have to askā€¦have you heard of Mason Bees? If not, now you have!

Mason bees are your friend in the spring as they are the early, native pollinators in your garden. These bees are non-aggressive (aka they do not sting!) and are out when the honey bees are not. They are absolutely fascinating as we are able to witness their whole nesting process and assist in attracting them to our gardens!

We can not get enough of these amazing creatures and we are sure you will love them just as much. Be sure to check out this video from Garden Time TV for more information on mason bees, how they pollinate and how you can bring more of them into your garden!