Make This Gorgeous Stationary With… Shaving Cream?!

Isn’t this stationary set simply to die for?! And it was so easy to make! Create a pattern using shaving cream and liquid watercolor, and simply stamp the blank stationary and envelopes. Who would’ve thought you could make this adorable stationary set with stuff you probably already have on hand? You could probably even add a few drops of your favorite essential oil in with the shaving cream if you wanted to make your cards extra special and scented. Go ahead and check out the video below and get inspired to make this super cute craft! See the full directions beneath the video. Happy crafting!

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– Foam shaving cream

– Food coloring / liquid watercolors

– Heavy weight paper

– Painters tape

– Paper towels

– Ruler

– Spatula

– Large bowl or dish, big enough to fit your paper

– Toothpick


Spray a thick layer of shaving cream into a rectangular baking dish, and put just a few drops of one color into the shaving cream. Fold the shaving cream into the color. Be careful not to over mix, as you still want those fun swirls.

Once the base color is swirled, add additional colors by dabbing a toothpick into the bottle, and swirling by hand into the shaving cream.


Mask off the backside of the paper, to prevent color bleed.

Place the paper in the shaving cream, tape side up. Gently press down the paper so as much of it makes contact with the shaving cream as possible.

Gently lift the paper up out of the shaving cream by one corner, and place it on a paper towel, shaving cream side up. Take a ruler and scrape the shaving cream off in one sweeping motion, starting from one corner. Wipe off excess shaving cream with a paper towel, and let it dry.

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