This project is so fun for both kids and adults alike! With only three ingredients, you too can make this magnetic mason jar. The kids will love seeing how the powder floats in the water and then dragging it across the bottle with a magnet. You will love how simple and inexpensive this project is! Plus, you can bring the bottle along for those long car rides and doctor office visits. You can never have too many sources of entertainment!


– Mason jar (or water bottle)

– Water

– MICR Toner

– Rare earth magnets


1. Fill the bottle with water ½ way.

2. Add a thin layer of MICR toner, and fill the rest of the way with water. (Caution: Be careful not to breathe in the toner, as it is a powder.)

3. Close and seal cap with glue to keep from leaking.

4. Shake the bottle to combine toner and water. Let sit overnight for the toner to soak completely!

5. Drag the magnet across for hours of therapeutic zen!