Are You A Leftie? This is For You!

Easy stitches and soft yarn. It doesn’t get any better than this!

I think this video does a perfect job of introducing itself, “Have you ever hugged a beautiful white cloud? No? You should try hugging one of these blankets.” Not only is this project made from some pretty heavenly yarn, it is easy to follow, using only a few common stitches, AND it is perfect for all of the left handed crocheters out there! Confession: my mom and I were going to learn how to crochet together when I was about 11, she is left handed, and I am right handed, and well… things never worked out for us. We still joke about some of the frustrating patterns we tried to teach each other, and horribly misshapen projects that came out of that era! I have since learned on my own, and have enjoyed this hobby for years. My mother, however, never gained enough confidence to try again. So, this one’s for you, momma!

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