Want To Label Your Quilts? Here Are Two Great Ways To Do So!

Labeling your quilts is a good idea for many reasons.

We are all about labeling the work that we do, our homemade quilts included! Taking the time to label your quilts is a good idea for a few reasons: it lets you know how old the quilt is, it lets you put a personal touch on your quilt, and (most importantly) since your quilt it is a piece of art, we all know that no art is complete without the artist’s signature!

While there are many ways that you could label a quilt, Laura from SewVeryEasy shows us two great ways to do so; one she refers to as the old way, and one is the modern way. Check out the video below to learn two great methods!

Which method do you prefer? Or, do you have another way of labeling your quilts? Let us know in the comments below!