Our Top Tip To Keep Weeds At Bay In Your Garden

You don’t need to spend every moment in your garden pulling weeds with this top tip!

As gardeners, it is inevitable that we all have to deal with weeds at some point in time (or rather many, many times). They can be so pesky, look messy and it can feel really time consuming to constantly be pulling them out unless we want them taking over the plants that we actually want in our gardens! I often feel like I’m spending more time pulling weeds in my garden, than I am actually enjoying the fruits of my labor and the simple beauty of the space.

We promise you that weeds don’t need to be the demise of your garden, so we want to share our favorite tip to keep weeds at bay, or at least to a minimum.

Pull weeds before they go to seed

For more on preventing weeds in your garden, check out this video from Growing Wisdom.