10 Reasons Why Introverts Are Awesome

How many of these are spot on for you?

In this age of bigger, better, louder, and faster, introverts can get a bad rap. They are wrongly labeled as anti-social or shy. Most people know the biggest difference between extroverts and introverts: extroverts gain energy by being around other people, while introverts lose energy by being around other people. In reality, this personality trait is so much more! A lemon juice experiment done by R. Power and W. Thompson shows that introverts are more easily stimulated than extroverts. Introverts salivated more than extroverts when a drop of lemon juice was placed on their tongue. Researchers theorized that introverts get triggered easily by their surroundings. Without further ado, here are ten reasons why introverts are (not so) secretly awesome!

1. Introverts Are Stellar Listeners

Introverts are often the last to speak in a large group, either in person or online. This can come off as disinterest or even snobbish at first, but in reality, it is because introverts take time to hear all sides being presented, and offer a thoughtful response. Interestingly enough, most introverts do not like small talk. Or, at the very least, they find it mentally draining. This is partially due to their discomfort in crowds, but mainly because they want to dive deeper and process real, meaningful information.

2. Introverts Make Great Writers

This probably comes as no surprise, but introverts have contributed significantly to the literary arts! And it’s not just because writing is often a solitary activity – although this does factor in. Introverts have amazing observational skills, which means their stories are full of rich characters and relevant commentary. They also love gathering and storing information from all different angles to get a complete story. Famous introverted writers include J.K. Rowling, Virgina Woolf, David Foster Wallace, Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickinson, J.D. Salinger… and probably most writers we know and love!

3. When Introverts Speak, People Listen

Introverts take time to think deeply about how to respond in a conversation. They speak with conviction, depth, and balance. While introverts have the ability to speak and think at the same time, it is not their preference. Often, during stressful or highly emotional times, introverts serve as the voice of reason. While they may be known for their ability to restrain their words, when an introvert speaks up, everyone is sure to listen!