Are you on the hunt for a new book to devour? With so many options and genres and sub-genres out there, it can be hard to even know where to begin! Or, maybe you’re more like me, and you just get so excited about everything that’s out there, so you have a reading list a mile long, and in the end you still don’t even know where to start!

Let us help narrow down the options for you! Even if you don’t end up loving your results (or if you’ve already read the book we suggest), these questions are good to keep in mind while you’re considering what to read next. We all go through different seasons where we’re looking for different things from our books. Is life stressful right now? Then you need an escape in the form of a good book! Are you pumped up about changing the world? Grab an autobiography by a powerful underdog and join the fight!

You’ll find something for every kind of book nerd here in our quiz. From unheard of classics to modern dystopian worlds, and everything in between! Go ahead and see what we pick for you to read next!

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