In As Little As 45 Minutes, You Can Arm Knit This Cozy Blanket!

If you’re looking for a quick and fun project, look no further than this arm knit chunky blanket.

If you have found yourself with a free afternoon and nothing that particularly needs to get done, how about taking the time to work on a new project?

Whether you are looking for something quick or just looking for something a little different or fun, then look no further than this arm knit chunky blanket! In the following tutorial from Simply Maggie, you can learn to arm know your own blanket in as little as 45 minutes with just 5 basic steps!

This project is fun, easy and super cozy! We can not wait to start making ours and then curl up in the chair with a cup of coffee, a good book, or maybe even our next project!

Meanwhile, we want to see if you put this tutorial to work and how your projects all turned out! We can not wait to see them!