IKEA Hack: See How To Make A $300 Desk For $50!

Amazing! I like her version better than the IKEA desk!

Can you believe she did this for just under $50?! I just love how it turned out. I even like her final product better than the IKEA original! The darker stained wood and the extra shelf on each side makes this piece really stand out. I would never have thought to attempt the industrial style on my own, but this video tutorial makes me believe I might actually be able to pull something like this off!

I had no idea you could purchase galvanized steel shelves for super cheap – this opens up a whole new world of possibilities! Maybe a matching coffee table and bookshelf? I think yes! And to think – this cost about 1/6th of the price at IKEA. I love DIY projects that save me money!

Go ahead and get inspired to make some industrial furniture for cheap by watching the video below. We’d love to see any pictures of your final projects in the comments below!