Live In A City? Having Your Own Garden Is Not Out of the Question!

Great ideas for indoor and outdoor gardening for city dwellers!

If you’re a city dweller, then you understand how it can feel impossible to have a garden or any greenery when you have little or no outdoor space. We are here to tell you you can have a garden, it just takes a little creativity and we’re sure one of these clever ideas will prove our point!

1. Vertical Garden

Turn a pallet on it’s side and you just made yourself a vertical garden! You can also stack more traditional terra cotta pots to make sure of that vertical space.

2. Terrariums

Succulents are small and relatively easy to care for. Plant small terrariums for smaller spaces or larger ones if you have a bit more space.

3. Hang herbs over sink or by windows

4. Hang plants from the ceiling

This is such a great space saver and you’ll love having fresh herbs over always using the dried versions! Another great idea would be to attach mason jars to a wooden board and hanging that wherever you have some free wall space.

There are all sorts of hanging ceiling planters, whether you’re looking at a more traditional hanger, a macrame hanger, or making one yourself! If you’re not seeing the theme, using vertical space is huge when you have minimal space to work with!

5. Try a zen garden

While you may not get any fresh herbs, veggies or flowers out of a zen garden, it is always a fun option, and one that doesn’t require you to have a green thumb!

For more great city gardening ideas, check out this video from Simple Home Art Decor Ideas.