Why do we read fiction? Fiction is fun because readers find themselves “within” a story, drawn to the words on a page because of the images and feelings that, once evoked, become tangible beyond simple black and white. A good writer will know her audience and strive to find the right balance between too simple and too elaborate.

Writing that is captivating will draw upon sensory experience, connect to emotion, and inspire imagination. Sounds difficult, right? But not impossible. To write descriptively is to take your readers into the space you’ve created between the bookends. Rather than stating what is superficial, look for ways to create dynamic images in the mind’s eye. As highlighted in this video, a writer might describe a dress as “red,” but imagine that red dress described as the color of “stewed cherries” and a whole new experience is created.

Looking for tips on how to write descriptively? Check out this video and share your own ideas in the comments.