If you have an electric sewing machine, you have access to tons of decorative stitches! Chances are, however, that you probably only use the straight stitch or maybe the zig zag stitch. Let’s change that! You have this amazing tool in your hands, so let’s unlock its potential. For these stitches, you’ll either need a walking foot or an integrated dual feed.

The video below is an intro to a class you can sign up for online if you want more information, but what I love about this is the technique we learn on how to catalog and “play” with the stitches available to us on our sewing machines. So often the hardest part about trying something new like decorative stitching is that it seems overwhelming. If your machine has 600 stitches programmed, how do you even begin to pick one and test it out on a quilt you’ve worked so hard on? What if you end up not liking the final product?

See this brilliant way to get a real hands on visual of decorative stitches and keep a sample right in your sewing room. Happy quilting, friends!