How To Store Christmas Lights

Tangled Christmas lights are the worst! So try this clever trick to save you from the bah-humbugs next season!

Christmas was fun while it lasted, but now it’s time to pack up all of the decorations and knick-knacks that so beautifully adorned our mantles, doors, and Christmas trees. One decoration has a notorious reputation for being particularly difficult year after year: Christmas lights. So often these are thrown back into storage boxes in a tangled mess, ready to be forgotten until next year. Avoid next year’s frustration by taking care of those lights in the here-and-now. We’ve got a clever trick to help keep your lights organized!

We all have leftover boxes from online shopping orders, and while most of them will end up in the recycle bin, reserve a few to help with lighting storage. It only takes a few simple cuts of cardboard to help keep that tangled pile of lights neat and tidy. Check out our how-to video on how wrangle unruly Christmas lights.


— Cardboard box

— Scissors

— Christmas lights


— Cut off a side of a cardboard box – top of the lid, for example.

— Cut out sections of the cardboard to make a wide H shape.

— Wrap lights around the cardboard, moving from end-to-end then back again until you reach the end of the string.