Stuck In A Rut: Reading Slumps And How To Overcome Them

We’ve got a few tips on how to break through a reading slump.

Much like writer’s block, reading slumps are real and sometimes frustrating. If you read as much as we like to, these lulls are bound to happen. Consider slumps as an opportunity to regroup, focus on other activities, and even drum up some excitement for the next read.

We’ve found a few tricks to help break through a reading rut. Set a goal: when tackling a dense or lengthy book, read 10 pages a day (sometimes more, but never less), knowing it will take you a long time to finish the whole book. This slower pace will give you the flexibility to read other works AND allow your brain the time it needs to soak up what you’ve read. Another idea: read shorter books. The satisfaction of quickly reading a shorter text will certainly boost confidence and inspire further reading. Check out this video with more advice to help you overcome a reading slump. Try one or try all, ultimately you will break through!