How To Hem A Pair of Jeans

Hemmed jeans can still look great; let us show you how to do it right!

We have all been there. A pair of jeans needs to be hemmed and when you think you are done hemming, you try them on and they look terrible or still don’t fit very well. Let it be known, the days of stress around hemming your pants are gone and a thing of the past!

With this tutorial from Rob at Man Sewing, we learn an easy way to hem a pair of jeans while still keeping the cuff! We just know you are going to be as thankful for this tutorial as we were!

On some levels this may seem obvious, but really, this is an important pro tip to remember before you continue on: Do not cut anything until you are absolutely sure they fit perfect!

Do you have any other pant hemming tips we should know? Leave them in the comments!