How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

Folding a fitted sheet has never been easier!

Aside from mismatched and/or missing socks, folding a fitted sheet has to be one of the more frustrating parts of the entire laundry experience. For years the solution to the fitted sheet problem has been a haphazard half roll – half fold of the sheet, then just stuffing it into the linen closet. Believe it or not, there is in fact a way to properly fold a fitted sheet and it’s really simple! While we can’t solve the missing sock situation, we can offer a solution to the most daunting of laundry folding tasks: the fitted sheet.

The process is fairly simple: a few basic folds at just the right corners and before you know it, that messy clump becomes a neatly folded square. While it’s a small accomplishment in the grander scheme of all things, it is one less frustration to a task we perform on a regular basis. And we’d bet that your missing sock is trapped somewhere in the corner of the fitted sheet! This is a process best explained through video, so be sure to check out our tutorial.


— Fitted Sheet

— A little bit of patience


— Drape sheet so corners fit over each hand.

— Bring hands together to fold sheet in half, tucking in corners.

— Drape sheet again so corners are draped over each hand.

— Bring hands together to fold sheet in half, again tucking in the corners.

— Lay sheet on a flat surface. Fold in half lengthwise, top to bottom.

— Fold into thirds, bringing right side to center, then left side to center.

— Ta da! You should have a relatively square sheet that is neatly folded.