The PROPER Way To Drive Screws!

Have you been doing it right?

Now, there are a hundred different ways to accomplish almost any goal in the workshop. We’re not saying this is the only way to drive screws, but we do think this is a really solid method to have up your sleeve for those really nice projects that you want to look professional! If you’re just working on something for the shop, or a bigger construction project, there’s really no need to drill pilot holes first. It’s easier and quicker to just drive the screw directly into the wood.

For other projects, you’ll definitely want to put a pilot hole first! Especially if you’re working near the end of a board. Drilling a pilot hole lets the threads of the screw dig into the sides of the hole, rather than splitting the fiber of the wood apart. This is when you split the wood, and no one wants that!

I love the tip Steve gives us for holding a screw in place – if you have a really small screw (or big, clunky fingers) you can use a pair of needle nose pliers to hold the screw in place and guide it into the hole. See what other tips Steve has for us in the video below!