10 Housekeeping Secrets Passed Down To Us From Grandma

Commons sense and elbow grease go a long way towards a clean house!

5. Don’t worry about clothes with stains

You really don’t have to throw them away. Use grandma’s tea-staining method to give them a creamy shade. Steep black tea bags in a bucket full of hot water. After about ten minutes, remove the bags and put in the cloth with the stain. Make sure you swirl it around for better absorption. Move it about until you get the color tone you prefer. It will give your previously stained cloth an antique look and color.

6. Cut down on the cleaning products

Seriously, you don’t need a ton of those cleaning products. All that would do is clutter your cleaning cabinet. Use the multi-purpose cleaners like Borax. Grandmas used it and found it extremely elastic in its usage. You can spray some of it on sponge or scrubbing pad and use it to scruff off the tiles, sinks, fixtures, and cabinets. It also works to boost your detergent and get rid of any dirty laundry smells.

7. Clean the mess right away.

You brush your teeth and see the toothpaste blob on the sink, clean it up right away. You wash your hair and see them circling around in the bathtub, squeegee them down. These are some common sense practices, yet most of the times we are lazy enough to follow them. Just clean right away when you see a mess. That will prevent any pile ups.

8. Natural air-freshener

Vanilla extract does a fantastic job of giving your house a perfectly natural scent. Using cotton balls dipped in vanilla, you can rub them over light bulbs, so when they heat up, the room will smell pleasant. You can also hide them in plants for the same effect. You can also get rid of kitchen smells with vanilla extract. For smelly microwaves, heat the extract for about 30 seconds and let it be there for some hours. The kitchen will smell clean and fresh.

9. Vinegar to the rescue

An easy way to remove sludge from shower is to submerge the shower head in a plastic bag that has been filled with white vinegar. Let it soak for a few hours. After removing the bag, scrub off the shower head with an old toothbrush. Vinegar can also be used for plastic curtains. You can throw in the wash with a few towels, soap, Borax and vinegar. Put on delicate and see them looking brand new.

10. Keep up with the messes

The best and the most important way to make your house stay speckless is by doing the dishes right after the meal. By making the bed first thing in the morning. sweeping the crumbs off the kitchen floor straight after cooking. Basically, cleaning up after the mess immediately. Putting it off will not only fester germs, but it will also make it extra difficult for you to tackle it all at once.

Grandmothers are pioneers and keepers of valuable and secret knowledge. They know the most frugal and efficient ways to deal with anything related to the household, so use some of this valuable knowledge for your own use.

Credits: prima.co.uk