Just What The Doctor Ordered: Homemade Spa Kit

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Who doesn’t love to feel like a princess with the royal spa treatment? This easy to follow tutorial is the absolute perfect gift for someone struggling with an illness, a tired momma, a best friend, or just to have on hand for yourself! I love that once you have the basic ingredients, you can make a ton of spa kits, and customize each one. Hawaiian Blue Coconut? Yup. Peppermint Candy? Yes please. Lemon Lavender? Count me in. Just add some cute labels and you’re good to go. Best. Friend. Ever.



– 1 C sugar

– ¼ C coconut oil

– 5-8 drops of essential oil

– 2 drops food coloring

– 1 ½ pint canning jar

Whipped body butter

– 3 oz pure cocoa butter

– 4 oz coconut oil

– 4 drops essential oil

– 2 drops food coloring

Foot Soak

– 1 C Epsom salts

– ½ C baking soda

– ½ C sea salt

– 2 drops red food coloring

– 5 drops essential oil



Microwave coconut oil for about 20 seconds, until melted.

Mix in sugar until combined.

Add food coloring, stirring after each drop. Keep adding color until desired hue is reached.

Add essential oils and mix.

Pack into a clean canning jar.

Whipped Body Butter

Melt cocoa butter and oil together in a double broiler.

Place mixture in the fridge for 5 minutes, until cool and opaque.

Whip until fluffy.

Add essential oil and food coloring, mix well.

Pack into canning jar.

Foot Soak

Combine Epsom salts, sea salt, oil, and baking soda.

Add 2 drops of food coloring, breaking apart the color clumps until evenly distributed.

Pack mixture into a clean canning jar.

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